Topic: Human Resources Assessments

An HR Assessment can be a very useful tool for small and medium sized organizations.  What is an HR Assessment?  It is a way to take an objective look at an organization’s HR practices and policies.  It may be in the form of an organizational questionnaire, and/or it may be accomplished through observation and review of HR practices and policies.   In today’s dynamic work environment, organizations must be aware of the many legal and regulatory complexities in place.  Often, in small and medium organizations, the ‘HR Function’ is the responsibility of a finance director or office manager who might not have the requisite knowledge, experience, or time to properly manage the various issues. 

HR Assessments are not only legal and regulatory based, they can be used to measure and improve performance throughout an organization in several ways, including review of the Performance Management process.  HR Assessments can be a means to increase employee morale and communication by comparing or benchmarking assessment results with other organizations.  The HR Assessment may be a high level overview of the total HR function, or it can be more specific in nature to review individual HR areas (i.e. recruiting, metrics, performance management, compensation, benefits, etc.).   In addition to compliance, one of the greatest benefits to an organization that initiates a Human Resources Assessment is the commitment to continuous improvement.